Project Flotta
Edge device management for k8s workloads.

Manage, deploy, observe edge workloads from a single k8s instance.


Project Flotta is designed to manage containerized workload on small-footprint devices found on the edges of networks by managing the lifecycle of edge-focused operating systems and securing connectivity between K8s/OCP and the edge.
Flotta provides a pipeline for operating system images across ARM and x86 architectures and enables atomic upgrades and rollbacks of an edge-focused operating system, while maintaining a minimal footprint. Because edge computing networks have the potential for instability, Flotta can provide continuity when connectivity is sporadic or down for long periods of time.
Enhanced edge observability is also provided through improved metrics and log collection capabilities.

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OS Management

Manage Operating system lifecycle using RPM ostree technology and manage the current state of the device.


Get any information on the workloads running in the Edgedevice and export it to a central Prometheus instance with limited bandwidth, at the same time export all logs to a central device in case it’s needed.

Identity aware

All devices have their own identity managed by X509 certificates and all communication with the Flotta Edge API is secured by MTLS connection, which also managed the device approval to enrol into the fleet.

Low footprint

Flotta device is a lightweight daemon that is able to run on disconnected environments or not reliable networks, also managed to limit the control-plane bandwidth.

Data Upload

Upload any data produced by your workload to a centralized location from all of your devices

Ansible integration

Execute Ansible playbooks on specific subset of Flotta devices and check their execution status