Flotta use cases


Flotta is great for retail industries, where Flotta can be used to manage all Point of sale devices from a single Kubernetes instance. At the same time, due to the low footprint, it can be used as kiosk mode.


When running multiple IoT devices, the power consumption is a key element, flotta-device worker uses to track power consumption over time and try to keep the resource usage as small as possible to be able to run any IoT workload where power can be provided by a small solar panel.

At the same time, Flotta is designed for non-reliable networks, so any low-bandwidth connection (GPRS, LoraWAN, NB-IoT) will work without issues.

AI edge

AI on the edge has tons of posibilities, Flotta device agent is available on ARM or x86, also has support for any kind of Nvidia Jetson boards, the main boards for AI in the edge.


When a factory with thousands of different sensors, robotics arms, and multiple computers that needs to run each one a different workload, flotta provides a way to manage all these devices from a single user place.