Remote data store for Flotta Edge API


By default Flotta Edge API uses Kubernetes and CRD-based storage as a source of truth about managed Edge entities - EdgeDevice and EdgeWorkload. All the other CRDs serve as support for better device management in Kubernetes environment.

Users might want to store their device configuration data in some other place than Kubernetes etcd. To support that use-case we provide a way to use that external data store (or to be precise - data store service) in Flotta Edge API. That data store service is responsible for managing three aspects of device data life cycle:

  • enrolment and registration - accepting requests from devices to be enqueued for registration approval and then registration;
  • providing device configuration;
  • heartbeat handling - recording (or ignoring) information sent with each device heartbeat.

On the diagram below you can see Flotta Edge API still providing data to a Device in the same way as it is happening now. The difference is that Device configuration (including workload definitions) is read from an external service represented by Edge Configuration API, which in turn uses its own data store - EdgeConfigurationProvider. It is responsible for providing said Device configuration in format defined by Flotta. The heartbeat messages will be sent to Edge Configuration API as well. etcd on the diagram is used only for storing objects being under supervision of Flotta Edge API, like Secrets with mTLS certificates used for Device-Flotta Edge API communication.


Flotta Operator can’t use custom, external data store and its functionality, if needed, has to be implemented by the users

Flotta Edge API configuration for remote data store


  • HTTP service providing Edge Configuration API. You can take inspiration from our integration test and a fake server implementation ;
  • Flotta Edge API deployed - as part of the whole Flotta deployment or a standalone deployment (Flotta operator would be useless);
  • Edge Configuration API server has to be reachable from Flotta Edge API pod;

Flotta Edge API configuration

Flotta Edge API configuration can be found in flotta-edge-api-config ConfigMap in flotta namespace. To configure remote storage, you need to set following properties in that config map:

REMOTE_BACKEND_URL=<URL to your Edge Configuration API server>

You can optionally set REMOT_BACKEND_TIMEOUT=<duration> to specify timeout on Edge Configuration API HTTP requests.

If you want to protect your Edge Configuration API with mTLS, you need to use Flotta CA to sign your server certificate and verify client certificate against the same CA. Flotta CA is stored in flotta-ca Secret in flotta namespace. Flotta will be using client certificate stored in flotta-host-certificate Secret in flotta namespace. mTLS will turned automatically on if your REMOTE_BACKEND_URL uses https.

After Flotta Edge API pod is restarted, it will be using your new configuration.