System Requirements

There are two kinds of requirements for project Flotta, there is the operator requirements (All needed to manage the devices) and some requirements that are needed for the device-agent.

Operator requirements:

Requirement Min version Optional Comment
Kubernetes 1.19 no  
Noobaa 5.9 yes Only if Data Synchronization is in use
Cert-manager 1.7.1 yes Only if ENABLE_WEBHOOKS are enabled

Device requirements:

Requirement Min version Optional
yggdrasil master no
podman >=4.2 no
nftables 1 no
node_exporter 1.3.1 no
ansible 2.9 no

For all the device requirements, project-flotta maintains a fedora Copr repo that a user can use to initialize a device.

The version that are supported are:

  • Fedora 36 (Both ARM and X86 architecture)
  • Centos 8 and 9 (Both ARM and X86 architecture)

Debian based packages are not yet provided.